Monday, July 20, 2009

Secrets of a Farmer

The weather has been consistantly nice for at least a week now so I decided to go outside and assess the garden and nurse her back to tip top harvesting shape, I turned on the sprinkler and squished my toes in the mud, to me there is no better feeling then the earth dancing between my toes, the same earth that is keeping my garden alive, to me this is pure magic. I weeded and moved my cucumbers to a better area o
f the garden hoping they'll do a bit better(keep your fingers crossed for me) I fertilized and babied my garden bed and pray that the rain hasn't perminatly stunted the gowth. I pulled out the old man's plow and feel honored everytime I put that old piece of hand held machinary to proper use. The old man that owned the house before us passed away and his family left all his old toold and gardening secrets in the shed behind our house. He seems to have been well known in our town and everytime we mention what house we live in someone will say "you live in the house with the great big vegatable garden, that old man had the magic touch" It's the secrets of that old farmer that help me motivate to keep his memory and his hard work alive, I never knew him or met him but boy wouldn't it have been great to hear his stories of the land we now occupy and let him know were so grateful for his tool shed secrets.

My garden walk way that Mother planted with my husband when she visited is doing great(I call it the Wilkerson walk way, my mother's maiden name) The purple Celmitis is beautiful and the seedums are hardy and full, I look forward to her next visit. She's never stingy about her green thumb tips and secrets, she enjoys sharing her wealth of knowlege and you can tell it on her face and hear it in her voice when she let's you in on something you didn't know.

I turned up the soil for the chickens and they went crazy over it, pecking and scratching, feasting on all the new bugs that were hiding in the clay like soil they have in their run. I notice they don't like heat so they tend to hide out in their coop until the evening comes, but they didn't seem to care much today, they were kids on a playground rolling in that dirt. I enjoy every moment with those chicken ladies. I also figured out who the boss is in the pecking order, we named her Boss Lady, she walks a bit taller than the rest of the girls and puffs up her chest as she tells them what to do, the obvious leader of the clique.


  1. I just love this, Shayna! Maybe your career path is growing stuff and then writing about it! I think you'd be great.

  2. Thanks for the visit to the farm. I am a city girl now, but my heart is in the country.

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