Friday, January 22, 2010

The Journey for the Perfect Journal

Until I was 20 I always wrote in a Journal, It was my therapy. But as new crafts and hobbies and just plain life took over,my journal writing took a back seat.. I recently replaced this art with blogging..but there is nothing like writing in a journal, I don't have the luxury of a laptop so I'm not mobile with my blogging My book of life that I write can go anywhere with me, I could write on the beach, in my backyard, in some magical secret garden (okay..maybe not a MAGICAL one..but you get the drift)Anyhow, I miss this, I miss keeping my own private scrapbook..a best friend who's sole purpose in life is to listen when ever you need to vent or share, no matter how long you neglect, the journal is always ready to hear about your journeys.

So...I went searching for the "perfect" journal yesterday, I went to a few different stores and couldn't find anything that was "ME" and anything I liked was going to cost me an arm and a leg. This treasure hunt for a journal was looking stale and I was feeling discouraged, in the middle of my "woe is me, i can't find a diary" pity party I decided to buy a cheap $4.00 bright, ugly metallic journal and make it "ME"

I went home and tea stained some fabric and lace, I had some old handkerchiefs i had bought at Good Will earlier on in the week and tea stained one of those and hand embroidered the title of my journal, with a few other alterations I made something perfect for me, I'm not quite done but here she is


  1. Shayna,

    You could not have bought a more perfect journal. It's lovely and I think you should sell them :)

    Have a blessed evening!


  2. You transformed ugly in a very pretty journal that is yours. Well done.