Monday, November 16, 2009

My lady became a Woman today

I haven't blogged in a while now and i apologize to my followers :( But i have some happy news and i thought I'd share :) One of my chicken ladies became a woman today!! She layed her very first egg and i couldn't be a happier Mother Hen right now :) Holiday baking will definatly have a new twist this year and for the years to come. I honestly wasn't even expecting anything when i checked and i was beginning to think they were going to be late layers. what a wonderful surprise and right before the Holidays too!!


  1. Hi Shayna!

    Mom sent me a link to your blog and I love it! Congratulations on your egg!!! I was so excited to find my first one and it still feels a bit like a treasure hunt.

    We have one (or two?) chickens laying and are getting an egg about every other day. The problem is it gets dark too early. My ladies are in bed by 4:30 in the afternoon!

    Hope all is well with you and Scott. I look forward to keeping up with your life in cyberspace.

    Sending love and a big hug...

  2. Thanks Laurie!! It amazes me how she just knew to lay in her egg box! my girls are like yours right now going to bed at 4:30, but were thinking of putting a light in there with a timer in the winter so they stay warm and lay consistantly. Hugs Laurie!!

  3. We got five eggs today!!! Finally, they are kicking into action.

  4. Yay for 5 eggs!!! I caught my egg laying culprit this morning nesting in her box! It wasn't the lady I thought it was.

  5. You're lucky you caught her. Chickens are surprising creatures, huh? I'm off to check for more eggs...

  6. Hi Shayna! Followed here from MJ Farm and I'm so glad I found you! I dream of having chickens again someday. Congrats on your new woman!