Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Series of life's little moments

Lately I've been experiencing life's little moments, the one's that give you this natural high on life, the kind of moments where you stop and live in the moment. It's these live in the moment type feelings that always stay in you memory and when and if dark times come you can relive these little moments and you'll realize that maybe they're not so "little"
The type of joys I get over the smallest things may seem mundane to some but to me it's all the small joys over time that add up to a grain tower full of happiness, bottled away and ready for you to open and take a peak, relive things like, taking an evening walk and watching the moon creep over the tree line and the light breeze on your face and the smell of fresh cut grass, enjoying your neighbors hard landscaping work )cause let's face it, i just don't landscape for me but i also do it for my neighbors and passer byers to enjoy as well.) ,The deer and her young grazing in your yard in mid day and watching the lively mother stomp her feet at you trying to protect her young(even though i was just taking pictures), watching my garden grow and picking the blueberries from MY blueberry bush, eating the fresh veggies from the earth , the seeds i sowed and the plants i cared for also watching my chickens grow into pretty little ladies and watch their personalities bloom and shine before me, going on a small road trip and finding the most beautiful farm land and realizing it's only 8 miles from your home. These are some of my little moments i live in, i roll around in them and get them all over me like a mud bath but unlike a mud bath these little "mundane" things can't be washed off. I urge everyone to roll around in life's greatest pleasure...living in the moment.


  1. Hello Shayna, I was tagged to post about 6 things that make me happy and I tagged you to do the same.

    Looking forward to see what makes you happy!

  2. Thank you for dropping by. Your site is beautiful. Love the deer photos and the chickens remind me of days long gone but very memorable.

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